Designer's Choice for this week!

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First Picture: Size Deluxe A Dozen Anthuriums included square glass vase ($195)

Second Picture: Size Deluxe PEONIES and seasonal floral of the week included vase. ($195)

Third Picture: Size Deluxe with mixed combo of premium tulips, daffodils and olives included vase. ($195)

 Fourth Picture: Size Luxury Cymbidiums, French Tulip, Protea and seasonal branches included vase. ($275)

Fourth Picture: size Deluxe Combo mixed with Preserved Cattail, Amaranthus, Thristles and Tiger Branches. Incorporated with King Protea and AirPlant included vase. ($195)

Fifth Picture: Size Luxury Combo mixed with Preserved Pampas Grass, Bunny Tail, Cattail and Tiger Branches. Incorporated with King Protea and Autumn Eucalyptus that will dry out and last for a long time. The arrangement will include all vases as showed. ($275)



We take care of your satisfaction. We are working hard with all our brands and partners to provide you high quality products. Although the actual arrangement may not precisely match the photo, the overall design direction will always be preserved. Seasonality, market conditions, and availability may cause substitutions of flowers, greenery and vases to occur. We will always ensure that the styling and color schematic will be as close as we can and will only substitute items of equal or higher value. 

In the unlikely event you would not be satisfied by our products, do not hesitate to reach us.